Life’s Cross Roads – Creative Writing

As the train trundled along the old, rusty track, I gaze outside the window. The morning sun pierced through the clouds, illuminating the high rolling hills in a soft, warm yellow.  I fixated on the mountains grandeur in utter amazement. I followed the bumpy outline of the mountain to the summit, a peak that kissed the now fresh, colourful rainbow that had ignited the sky. Years it must have taken for them to become what they are, to stand so magnificently, so proud. My mind wandered, as it often does. Amongst the tall fine strands of springs wild grass, fluttered a sparrow which darted with purpose into the calm sky. I found myself wondering where it was going, if the sparrow itself knew its destination. My eyes tracked the bird’s precise movements through the crisp morning air, watching in fascination as it danced in the sunlight. I was captivated by its freedom and elegance. Inside the coach, a sharp shiver trickled down my spine from the icy air conditioning situated above. The coach was small and cramped, the seats uncomfortable. Cheers, ScotRail. I felt suffocated, trapped within the confinements of the four bleak walls. The train continued to shuffle, at a slow agonising pace. I just wanted to arrive.

Or did I?

Unlike a road, or a plane, or a bus, or a boat, there was no flexibility, no room for change. There was only one track. One direction. And I suddenly found myself questioning whether this was the direction I wanted to go in.

Smile, it’s infectious!

First of all, take a look at my friends, and if you smile – my point is proved! (I will never forget the sound of their laughter) ‘Infectious’, the very word screams negative connotations of illness, pain and fear. But … Continue reading